Monday, September 22, 2008

"I like basketball"

Ian loves to play ball. Over at his KiKi's house he found a basketball and loved it. He know goes around saying "I like basketball". He has been doing that a lot lately - saying "I like - whatever it it is" I like daddy, I like ice cream, I like momma, or I like Ian. Anyways you get the point.

Growing up

Here are just some random pics. Ian is growing up so fast. He knows his numbers - well at least if you start w/ one he will say two and you say 3 he will say 4 and so on. He can do part of his ABCs. He can do abc and then skips to s and can say the rest pretty good most of the time. He loves the "hungry caterpillar book" as he calls it. But there is one page that we have to read over and over again. He loves singing right now too. He will sing in the car on the way home from daycare - I don't always know the song he is singing. His b-day is right around he corner - hard to believe he will be 2 already!!

Cass - going away.

These are some pics of Ian's last day w/ his Cousin Cass. They had a blast in the pool as you can see. Cass went into the Army and so he spent a lot of time w/ Ian before he left. Ian loves his Cass. We have taught him to say "Cass is in the Army". It is too cute. Also anytime we drive by a motorcycle he thinks it is Cass!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ian devoured a fudgesicle as you can see. He made a mess but he thought it was great!!

Big Boy Haircut

So I took Ian to get a haircut and was almost devastated when it was over. It was a little too short for me. But it ended up looking pretty cute. He looked like a big boy.

Fun At the Zoo

We recently took a trip to the zoo. Ian thought it was pretty cool. His favorite thing was the monkeys. He saw them sleeping and told them to "wake up". He also like to watch the hippos.

Plummer's Crack

He is going to love this when he gets older. HA HA

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shakin' a little bootie

This is Ian doing his bootie shakin'. These are not the best video - I will try to get some better ones and post them too.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another fun day at the park

These were just taken today.

I love this one. He is growing up soooo fast. And let me just say that he loves the park. It is not a pretty sight when it is time to leave!!

Playing in the water

Ian wasn't real sure at first about the water but he warmed up to it pretty quick and had a blast

Easter 2008

Look at those hands and his belly from dying eggs. Messy - but tons of fun!!
The Easter Bunny brought an awesome Easter Basket!!
I love this one.

At the Park

I know I have been doing a horrible job at keeping this updated here lately. Here are some pics from a while back from a trip to the Park. Ian is growing up so fast. He is starting to talk a lot more and say more little sentences. He is at just a fun age right now - always doing something new!!

Ian, Bayle & Brayden.
Ian and his cousin Bayle. I wonder where they are going????

"Ian come back - I just want to play"

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The faces of onery

I think these pictures speak for themselves.

Funny Video

This is a cute video of him laughing and getting really excited. It is a little dark, sorry.
It is as if he is saying "Leave me alone" although he can say "get down" and he does tell they dogs that often along w/ "No No"

1st real haricut

This is Ian first "official" haircut. We had to cut the back of his hair once or twice at home b/c it was getting way to long. I was nervous about getting it cut. I didn't want to cut off his signature curls. He was nervous about it to. At first he didn't like it at all but then we started blowing bubbles and he thought that was pretty cool!

Riding Lawnmower

So we were out at MeMe's and Ian saw the riding lawn mower and being all boy that he is decided that it would be fun to climb on it. Then Joey thought Ian would enjoy going for a ride on it. Of course he loved it. As you can see.

Once the ride was over Ian did not want to get off so he decided to just sit on it by himself. I have a feeling that he won't forget about it the next time we are there.

Just Ian

Ian used to hate wearing hates but then he figured out that daddy does it and tries to put on dad's so I got out his hat and he wore it for a while, alot longer than I thought he would. Doesn't he look grown up??
This is him riding his bouncy zebra w/ his hair bouncing in the wind. LOL. I haven't posted in a while so I will try to catch up.
This is him just being his normal goofy self.